we need to learn how to sail first, right? Well, I know there are those who don’t think so (Bumfuzzle comes to mind), but it can’t be a bad a idea. My brother and I owned a hunting/red neck truck that we decided to sacrifice in the name of sailing. We sold the truck and bought a MacGregor 25.
 I later learned that this MacGregor was one of the last 25 models built. We drove up to Chicago and bought her after searching around on the internet for a while. Unfortunately, the ride home didn’t go so well… We tore the starboard rigging cable by dragging it on the road for over a hundred miles. My brother and I were able to replace the cable along with the plastic spreader tips and she should be good to sail come spring. Who’s idea was it to make a part of the rigging plastic? They should be fired. Needless to say, we bought steel spreader tips that should last more than 5 minutes (hopefully!).