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Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Preparation Stage | 2 comments

Dream vs. Reality

This boat was recently dismasted in an accident involving a drawbridge. I'm sure that's not exactly the dream that the captain imagined.

This boat was recently dismasted in an accident involving a drawbridge. I’m sure that’s not exactly the dream that the captain imagined.

Dan and I are not cut out to be live-aboards. And by that I mean living on a boat in a metro area while working full time. Over the last few months, both of us started to become increasingly disillusioned with our dream of cruising and even started discussing what we might do after cruising was over (something that is decidedly not on a set time-line).  We are living in a small tiny space with 2 and a half people and 2 dogs, fighting crazy traffic every time we try to go anywhere, Dan working worse hours than anytime in his career, 2,000 miles away from close friends and family, and our marina rent is the same price that we were paying for our mortgage, taxes, and insurance on our pre-downsized house! Conclusion: live-aboard city life is definitely not for us.

It’s easy to see why we might be slightly disappointed. However, when we recently purchased a cruising guide for the Bahamas and started planning the beginnings of our trip for this winter, suddenly a huge light bulb turned on. The reason why both of us had been feeling so discouraged was because we had subconsciously equated our current living arrangements with the dream we had been working and saving towards for the last three years, when the goal was still just around the corner! We want to get away from big cities and stressed out, high-speed life, so it makes perfect sense why we weren’t exactly feeling like we’d found ourselves in Paradise yet.

Now that we’ve realized what was causing some of our uncertainty about cruising, we’re able to move forward with our plans for this winter. The more that we read about and plan for actual cruising, the more energized we’re becoming again. A lot of our biggest projects stopping us from leaving are getting wrapped up and the official hurricane season will soon be over. Let’s just say that we’re getting to the point where the To-Do list is partially getting smaller due to completion and partially due to us making strategic decisions like “new cushions or leaving sooner…screw the cushions they’re fine.” Hopefully sometime soon we’ll be rounding that corner into the final stretch before heading out!


  1. You are soooooo spot-on with this post. I recently did a post on our site about determining what kind of cruiser you want to be and it was a hard-earned lesson for us over a year’s time. I’m so happy for you guys that you found this out right at the beginning.

    We recently took a big financial hit due to a bad decision of our kids’, and it looked like we might have to go back to work to recoup the money. Even just thinking about going back to work full time from the boat gave us both the willies and we decided we would rather do whatever it took to keep cruising, no matter how much we had to pare our lifestyle down to afford it.

    Hope to see you in the Bahamas this season,

    S/V Kintala

    • Thanks Deb! I think we have discovered pretty quickly that if we are going to cruise, we aren’t cut out for the marina life. In our opinion, there just isn’t enough cost/benefit trade off. We’re hoping that the same will not be true for cruising on the hook!

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