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Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Preparation Stage | 0 comments

Carter’s Gone Viral

We interrupt our normally scheduled post for some excitement on a national level. We’ve been approached by Right This Minute and Good Morning America to use this YouTube video of Carter in their shows:


Here’s what happened. Carter has recently been climbing in and out of his pack-n-play and we could not figure out how he was doing it. Monday afternoon I was playing with him in his room while Dan was taking a nap and Carter started throwing the cat toy (as seen flinging across the video) into his crib and then climbing into it and out of it simply by lifting himself over the side like a gymnast doing the pommel horse. It was amazing actually, that kid is strong! And what did I, as his mother do? Whip out my phone and start video taping him of course!

That’s when things got interesting. As soon as I started filming him, he started having trouble getting his feet over the side of the crib (I’m assuming he was probably getting tired). So he decided to enlist some help from the handy computer chair, and well…you know the rest. The problem is, now that he knows that we all thought it was funny, he keeps trying to do it again. While I may have had a lapse in judgment the first time I allowed him to do it, I really don’t want him to get hurt, so we’ve moved the chair away and keep the door shut to that room for the moment.

Yesterday, Dan posted the video onto YouTube. Within a few hours, we received a phone call (you aren’t as anonymous as you think I guess) from a reporter at Right This Minute wanting to use it for their show. Then last night, Dan got an email from ABC asking if they could show it on Good Morning America! We accepted and are eagerly awaiting our new boat fund to begin flowing in any minute now…okay maybe that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves. But watch the video (and click on some ads please!), send it to your friends, and maybe we will  be buying a boat this year after all!

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