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Posted on Sep 26, 2012 | 0 comments

House for Sale!

What does this have to do with putting our house up for sale? He is standing on the counter… in the house, obviously.

After weeks of preparation, repairs, upgrades, and cleaning our house is officially on the market today. Honestly it is a surreal moment for us. We’ve been working towards our dream for over a year and our progress so far has been almost completely intangible. Until now. When we said things were starting to get real, we weren’t kidding.

Our plan is to sell our house and find a job in (preferably) Florida. We would like to be able to take an entire season preparing both ourselves and our future boat. There are going to be adjustments that need to be made both to our future boat and to its occupants. We will be downsizing from a 2400 ft² house to around approximately 400 ft². It sounds rough, but that is actually the size of Michele and my first house. I hadn’t thought about that until we were looking at deck plans of a potential boat and I mentioned something about the size (or lack thereof). She said, “Dan, that is around the same size as our Gift house… it won’t be a problem.” (side note: Michele and I had a house on Gift Avenue and always refer to it as our Gift house.) And shes right… when we lived in the Gift house we both knew it was smaller than pretty much any other house in existence, but it worked for us. We didn’t feel cramped. We just used our space wisely.

It is very easy, for me especially, to get caught up in the details… the day to day lists of stuff we need to get done to make our dream a reality. It helps to take a step back every once in a while and take stock of the situation. We just listed our house for sale so we can go live on a boat, that’s pretty amazing.

Follow your dreams. Follow the Horizon.

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Posted on Sep 12, 2012 | 0 comments

We’re Still Alive!

So, I realized today that’s it has been a good three weeks since our last blog post. Holy cow! I’m sorry we have been such big slackers for the last couple of weeks, it’s been crazy at our house! We fully intend to never go this long without a blog post again, dear reader(s). *Scout’s honor* (ok neither of us was ever a Scout, though I was in Girl Guards for a while.)

Anyway, the biggest thing that’s been happening lately is we are working furiously to prepare our house to sell it. I’ve been sorting through clutter and giving things away to Goodwill for a couple of months now, but over Labor Day weekend we got down to some serious business. I’m talking scrubbing toilets, trimming bushes, repainting doors and trim…serious business. We made appointments for last week with a couple of local realtors, so we wanted the house to be in ship-shape (pun intended) before we had people coming in to determine the value of our house. It was certainly the most laborious Labor Day in my memory.

Finally, the day had come to find out how much our house is worth. Kind of. We had done some of our own market research on our area and similar homes to ours before calling for an outside opinion but it was still nerve wracking. What would we do if the professionals thought we were way over-valuing our home? I actually had a nightmare that all of the realtors came back and told us it was worth less than we owed! It is a rather frightening proposition because we are essentially counting on the sale of our house to fund the purchase of our future boat.

Luckily, the verdict came back very favorably. Two of the realtors (both of whom we had already liked) came back with the exact same recommended list price, which was only about $5,000 less than what we had thought on our own. I think we did pretty well considering how much more training they have in the business than we do. The third realtor was waaay out of the ballpark, suggesting a list price lower than what the house was purchased for in 2003. We actually just laughed at her, especially because we had already written her off after our original meeting with her. She obviously just didn’t know what she was doing.

All-in-all we got some good advice, and have chosen our listing agent for the house. We’ll keep you posted on some of the things we did to spruce up the house for almost no money and what the agent’s home staging specialist has to say as well. The best thing is, we’re finally moving forward and my house has never been cleaner!

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